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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  July 13, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the death of the boss. george steinbrenner passes away. hello again. i'm don spot. we begin with breaking news. george steinbrenner is dead. he suffered a heart attack this morning. manuel gallegus reports with a look back on very colorful career. he was the boss. george steinbrenner ruled the new york yankees with an iron hand and an over sized checkbook. >> you show me a good loser, and i'll show you a loser. >> reporter: when he bought the team in 1973, the bronx bombers were bombing. he spent a fortune building his ball team. he may have been born in ohio -- >> you're putting the
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pinstripes on. you're wearing tradition and pride. >> reporter: his firings were as famous as his hires. he changed managers 23 times. while many criticized his antics, his success speaks for itself. the yankees won seven world series titles much the team he bought for $10 is now a billion dollar empire. during his last years steinbrenner turned over control of the yankees to his two sons. >> mr. george steinbrenner. >> reporter: he made an emotional return for the 2008 all-star game held at yankee stadium for the last time. a failed steinbrenner cheered. new yorkers loved to hate him but in the end they applauded the legacy he brought to the house that ruth built. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> the orioles are saddened to learn about the passing of george steinbrenner. his name is as synonymous with that franchise as any of the legendary athletes who have played in pinstripes. i extend my deepest condolences to his wife joan and the members of list family. >> our other top story this noon storms battle maryland, knocking over trees and leaving thousands without electricity. bernadette woods is tracking more storms. we have more on damage from yesterday and last night. >> reporter: maryland needed the rain but not the lightning or spore rad difnlgt trees were down from anne arundel to
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north. for those hit hardest -- >> it was water pouring down. >> water was rolling down. >> reporter: it wasn't the rain tearing things apart. >> all you heard was this big boom. like a can non going on. >> reporter: downed lines left utility crews working. in a few spots lines were still hot. bge is urging them to treat them has dangerous. as for structural damage lightning caused one house fire. >> the smoke was in the vent, in the middle. all of a sudden the fire started in the corn. >> reporter: trees and heavy limbs also caused structural damage and cars also paid a price but there were no reports of injuries. >> as bad as this is because the wires are down and power went out, we are grateful that no one got hurt. >> reporter: a look at some of
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the cleanup removal. it's gofer on -- going on all over west baltimore. the number is down to 3900 between here and baltimore county. >> thank you. first warning weather continues. good afternoon, bernadette. >> we had a tornado warning for caroline county. want to show you first warning doppler radar. we'll take you in and show you what happened earlier today. the thunderstorm that prompted the toronto warning. this was right in there it made its way off to the north, that big one that moved off into new jersey. that got out of here but still lingering thunderstorms at this hour. what is going to happen later today, though? at this point a little lull in the action. it is warm and muggy. it is in the temperatures -- it
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is in the 80s for most of us. up to 71 degrees. that indicates a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. when you have that kind of moisture this gives that kind of moisture that produces the downpours that we saw yesterday with heavy parts of rain. for more on that here's marty in the outback. >> good afternoon. okay. so we had a lull in the action. we had a little bit of sun, kind of getting things heating up. above these clouds the sun is continuing to beat down on that top layer of those clouds. we start to see some instability. let's go to first warning doppler radar and look out to the west at the energy that will be aprogress of the area. indeed later on that will be the weather. having said that, though, it's not possible, the ripple starts
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breaking out ahead of that cluster of energy. we see local storms fire up. i told you this morning, i said i don't care if you see sun or not, keep an umbrella with you. you're looking at a bunch of rain coming our way. how much so between now and midnight, bernadette woods with the details coming up shortly. now back inside. >> or own -- for your own live look, go to down to the gulf of mexico after 85 days of frustration and failure, bp may finally stop the flow of oil into it. that's a new clap in plaissments tests have been done to see a how it will hold up. bp will begin to close three valves on that cap. even if the cap works it's a
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temporary solution. the relief well could be done by the middle of next month. meantime, the obama administration has issued a new mort yum an deep water drilling to make sure another disaster of this scale doesn't happen again. a maryland teen is recovering, one of dozens injured in a terrorist attack in uganda. razz -- ron matz has the latest. >> 76 people were killed in the blast. emily kersetter was among those injuried. the temperature was on a mission helping imoff verred children. the vice principal said she
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organized the fund-raiser. >> she was excited about helping others, doing some good. >> the bombing was carried out by a militant group with ties to cai. yesterday investigators found a suicide vest in a discohall. four people are under arrest after the discovery of that unexploded rest. two people are charged with the murder of a dentist in glen burnie. albert row was found murdered in september of 2006. 23-year-old dante jeter and shon tai joyner hickman are charged with the doctor's death. both are facing numerous charges including first-degree- murder. a standout young athlete is laid to rest. 17-year-old john crowder was killed in northeast baltimore while walking some friends home
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from a party. right now crowder's funeral is being held at the church of the redeemed in baltimore city. bge is making a renewed push to install those so-called smart meters. the company has asked for another hearing. three weeks after thed sc rejected -- after pce rejected it. they will consider collecting the money through regular rate increases instead. still to come, russian spies. u.s. authorities have detained a 12th person in connection with the recently exposed russian spy ring. iphone issues. consumers report weighs in on the problem with apple's widely popular new smartphone. please take another live look outside. your complete first warning forecast is still coming up. ,,
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the united states has detain add 12th person in connection with that russian spy ring. the person will be deport frltd
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u.s -- from the u.s. sometime today. the man is not charged with any crime. last week 10 people were sent back in exchange for four people accused of spying for the west. police said the gunman who opened fire was in a bitter dispute with his dpoif. he killed two people at the plant in albuquerque before killing himself. he reportedly told workers she was going to report it before the shooting. consumers report is buying apple's explanation on the phones. apple says it's dropping calls and the company blamed a formula. the magazine will not give the
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you can see the haze.
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some thunderstorms that were out to the west from yesterday -- i want to shea show you -- to show you first warning doppler radar. not storms that prompted the tornado warning for caroline county. still, scattered thunderstorms. you can see that we did have a few thunderstorms go through. even with them coming out, still warm. we don't have the heat we had last week, but we have a lot of moisture in the air. the dew point indicates how much moisture is in the air. this tells us a few different things. when the numbers are this high, a tropical air mass. the other thing it's enough energy for the thunderstorms to possibly become severe as we head through the day. 0s an -- 70s and 80s. you can see those are some of the thunderstorms left over and during the early morning hours they continue on the ear shore. for the rest of us it is down
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somewhat but that's going to change bus there's more behind. it the winds are light, so nothing to mix up the atmosphere. the humidity is really starting to build. here are the storms coming our way out to the west. a few different complexes started to get their act together. that will move our way later today, could be a few forming ahead of that. this will continue into tonight and tomorrow morning before we're finished with this storm. you can see we've got this storm that comes through here. this gets out of here eventually on wednesday and as it does, we'll start to lose those thunderstorm chances. friday at this point -- excuse me. thursday looks to be a drier day around the region but still very warm and muggy. today a high of 87 degrees. shower and thunderstorm around, tonight going down to 73, some heavy thunderstorms are possible as we head through this. a lot of rain is possible. tomorrow those showers, thunderstorms are possible.
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temperatures start to climb. we're going back up into the 90s much the humidity is going to continue. we have a chance for thunderstorms. >> thanks for telling me. if the sup comes out in those conditions, we're on the way. thank you. yet to come on eyewitness news at noon a drug debate. a panel of exsprpts meet to discuss whether a popular diabetes medicine should be pulled off the shelfs. here are some of the stories we're following on our website. for constant updates and the first warning forecast, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in our healthwatch report an fda panel is meeting to discuss whether the doab drug -- liv diabetes drug avandia should be pulled off the shelves. the panel will make the recommendations after a two-day review. the president is unveiling a new national strategy for fighting hiv and aids. the new policy will target groups at the highest risk. you want to be sure to check
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back in with eyewitness news at 4, 5 and 6 for a duck boat accident. new details about the boat's crew. big trouble for mel gibson. a new audiotape appears to be the actor. that'sed to at 4:00. join us in a moment for the five-day forecast. it's coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. we have another round of thunderstorms coming our way and for the rest of the five- day, here's marty. what we're talking about is some unsettled weather again tomorrow. then we'll get back to what i call vacation weather. it is that time of the year. people want to know when they clan get outside and enjoy some time off. 93 thursday. 96 on friday and getting steamy. saturday cool air dives into the mid-atlantic. we'll see instability and thunderstorms. sunday sunny and 92. it's really humid. back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. don't forget the cbs prime-
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time lineup. the "the good wife" followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. thank you for watching eyewitness news and wjz 13. for jessica kartalija, i'm don ,
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